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Back Massage

LymphaTouch Treatment Service




1 hour 30 minutes

About the Treatment

For the whole back, legs arms any part of the body that needs attention LymphaTouch is a medical device with clinically proven benefits in variety of therapeutic areas. The versatile tool supports manual therapy, enabling an effective solution for rehabilitation. One device multiple uses. Effectively reduce edema with negative pressure LymphaTouch is a highly effective solution for the management of edema. It activates lymphatic circulation, facilitating the movement of excess fluid away from the swelling. Noticeable reduction in swelling can be observed already after the initial treatment session. Additionally, it alleviates the sensation of pressure often associated with swollen areas. Suitable for both post-operative and chronic edema, LymphaTouch is also beneficial for acute injuries including ankle sprains, soft tissue traumas, hematomas, and can be a valuable tool to speed up the healing process. Pre- and post operative edema Post injury edema Lymphedema The negative pressure and mechanical vibration of the LymphaTouch device can effectively soften fibrotic and scar tissue adhesions, improving tissue elasticity, flexibility and joint range of motion. LymphaTouch treatment promotes oxygenation and lymphatic drainage of the treated area, which can contribute to wound healing and prevent adhesions. The device treatment can be started on the day of surgery. LymphaTouch offers an effective and comfortable way to treat both fresh and older scars. Surgical scars C-sections Burns Fibrosis Other contusions LymphaTouch is a highly effective tool for mobilization of soft tissue and the mobilization of fascia structures. Through the negative pressure LymphaTouch introduces a third dimension, lifting, to manual treatment, expanding the therapeutic options. The decompression effect combined with mechanical vibration feature of LymphaTouch assists in relaxing fascia structures and alleviating trigger points, enhancing the overall treatment experience. LymphaTouch is particularly useful for treating long-term musculoskeletal disorders like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder. It’s also a great option for muscle maintenance and massage treatments. With a capacity to deliver up to 400mHg of negative pressure, LymphaTouch can provide a high-intensity mobilization effect on tissue, enhancing the range and effectiveness of manual therapy. Fascia treatments Soft tissue mobilization Recovery from sports Neuropathic pain Back pain Joint and tendon pain Carpal tunnel syndrome Frozen shoulder Tennis elbow Plantar fascitis

Katherine Fiddes

About Staff

Katherine Fiddes

Owner Operator, Highly Experience Therapist

Location & Areas

24 Calabar Ct Merriwa WA 6030

Within reach of Alkimos, Butler, Jindalee, Quinns Rocks, Merriwa, Clarkson, Perth, Baldivis, Claremont, Armadale, Dalkeith, Fremantle, Joondalup, Attadale, Brabham, Forrestfield, Leederville, Nedlands, Swanbourne, Cottesloe, Ellenbrook, Floreat, Hocking, Rossmoyne, Subiaco, Wellard, Carine, Churchlands, City Beach, East Perth, Mount Lawley


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Cancellation Policy

Kindly be advised that a notice period of 24 hours is necessary for cancellations; otherwise, a fee of 25% will be applicable. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated.

New Client Policy

We kindly request a nominal upfront deposit of $30 from clients who are visiting for the first time or have not availed our services within the last six months. A direct message will be sent to them for the payment process. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Hot Stones Massage
Had a great reflexology session with Katherine today. Can't wait for my next treatment. Thank you for the bliss.

Charlotte Mostert

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