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Universal OA Knee Brace | Gen 2 The Game Changer
A precisely engineered low -profile knee brace that relieves osteoarthritis pain.
One brace for either Medial or Lateral Compartment Osteoarthritis. The Ovation Medical Game Changer Knee Brace Gen 2 is a precisely engineered low profile knee brace that relieves osteoarthritis pain.
Once the brace is applied, stand and walk a short distance to ensure comfort and proper correction. If there is any discomfort, adjust the straps as needed.
If the patient experiences pain in the knee joint or leg, turn the hinge adjustment back slightly.
If more relief is required turn the hinge adjustment no more than 1/4 of a turn.
Universal size Right & Left
One size fits most patients
Light weight and low profile
Easy Varus and Valgus adjustment
Provides instant pain relief
Push button easy on & off 
Pivoting strap attachment 
Effortless adjustment 
Light weight single upright  design
Push buttons to release clasps from frame. Easy on/off
Position brace by sitting on stable surface with knee bent at approx. 45 degrees. Align the center of the hinge to just above the patella.
Push buttons to secure clasps to frame. Easy on/off 
For final brace adjustment, verify hinge alignment then adjust strap tabs. 
Varus/Valgus Adjustment Varus (Medial compartment OA) - Turn Key IN Valgus (Lateral compartment OA) - Turn Key OUT

Universal OA Knee Brace | Gen 2 The Game Changer

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