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Ultralight Compression Calf Sleeves V2 | Women
CEP Ultra Light V2 Compression Calf Sleeves - Compression Calf Sleeves
Ultra Light Calf Sleeves - Improved Fit; More Compression; & New Smart Carbon Fabric Making Them Lighter Than Ever But More Durable!​
The Ultra Light Calf Sleeves by CEP are approx. 30% Lighter than Normal Calf 2.0; They are perfect for athletes after the same strong compression but a more ventilated and lightweight feel. CEP’s unique compression profile improves blood flow; reduces muscle soreness & injuries; and enhances performance through quicker oxygenation & recovery time.
Quality Attributes
German Made (Medi Compression)
Special Compression Profile Activates The Flow Of Blood In Muscles 
Perfect Anatomical Fit
Highest Quality Materials & Premium Craftsmanship For Extreme Durability
Micro-Fibre Technology For Superior Comfort
Functional Attributes
Optimum Recovery & Performance
Maximum Stability For Calf Muscles
Reduces Muscle Soreness, Risk of Injury; & Increases Blood Circulation
Heat & Moisture Management (Hydrophilic Design)
Open-Pore Mesh Structure In The Calf For Excellent Ventilation
Anti-Bacterial & Odor-Reducing Properties

Ultralight Compression Calf Sleeves V2 | Women

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