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The Run Tights | Women
The Run Tights: Women's Running Tights With Innovative Print Technology
The Run Tights from CEP Activating Sportswear inspire you to reach new heights when you run: These running tights for women are equipped with a whole range of features for greater safety, comfort and energy. One of the most exciting details is the advanced print technology.
Reduced muscle vibrations for an energetic running experience
The Run Tights for women already reduce muscle vibrations with their close fit. But that’s not all: They are also equipped with novel print technology on the inside. This special print is even more effective at reducing unwanted vibrations in the thigh and calf muscles. You can feel this effect in the form of more energy, stamina and powerful contact and release from the ground every step you take.
TIGHTFIT technology for a new level of comfort
The bi-elastic fabric of The Run Tights lets you perform at your peak while enjoying unmatched comfort. It ensures unrestricted freedom of movement and superior comfort. The running tights fit perfectly in every situation – like a second skin. Other smart features such as the pressure-free waistband and flat seams also contribute to the excellent comfort. Nothing distracts you so you can stay completely focused on your run.
Pure running pleasure thanks to practical details
The Run Tights for women are sophisticated to the last detail. The non-slip waistband provides reliable support together with the anatomical silhouette. Reflective tape increases your safety when you run early in the morning or after dark. And the integrated pocket has room for small items like an energy bar or your keys.
Enjoy all the benefits these innovative running tights for women have to offer: Order The Run Tights now from CEP Activating Sportswear.

The Run Tights | Women

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