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Running Cap | Unisex
The Running Caps complete your athletic outfit as headwear with intelligent features. They are designed to be folded for easy stowing. You will love their heat and moisture regulating properties along with the UV protection, comfortable fit, and clever details. The reflective lettering adds style and increases visibility for safety.
These highly functional and lightweight caps with a curved brim protect against UV rays.
The perfect, dynamic fit of the Running Caps guarantees unmatched wearing comfort.
The moisture-wicking, breathable fabric offers perfect heat and moisture management.
Lightweight Caps For Your Summer Performance
These caps for running and endurance sports are ideal for both training and competition thanks to their dynamic fit and exceptional comfort. The branding completes their casual look and reflects light for greater safety in the dark.
Integrated UV Protection
Wearing the Running Cap protects your face against excessive UV rays thanks to the curved brim and high-quality fabric with a UV protection factor of 50+.
Heat and Moisture Regulating Functional Textiles
You give it your all when you work out – breathable sportswear helps you take it to the next level. The functional fabric of the Running Caps regulates moisture exchange by wicking it to the surface where it evaporates. They are breathable and therefore effectively support your performance.
Discover the benefits of the highly functional Running Caps by CEP Sportswear and order them as headwear for the summer!

Running Cap | Unisex

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