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Reva T-Balm Muscle and Joint Relief

Reva T-Balm Muscle and Joint Relief is a high quality natural massage cream product, with active ingredients including eucalyptus and wintergreen to invigorate, soothe and warm the muscles. Reva massage creams are blended from a range of natural oils to form a semi firm beeswax fusion when applied to the skin surface, our exclusive creams soften and dissolve to the consistency of a traditional massage oil.


Reva T-Balm is an all natural ointment
made from the finest essential oils to form a semi firm beeswax fusion – when applied to the skin surface, our
exclusive balm soften and absorbs quickly into the skin.
Gently massage a small amount
into the affected area. Use as often as required for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain.

Economical, warm and soothing application with NO added mineral oils


 Reva T-Balm Muscle and Joint Relief is great for

Massage Lubrication for both pre-game or after game.

Reva T-Balm Muscle and Joint Relief

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