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Natural Spa Pack

Give the perfect gift for yourself or friends

Natural Look

Natural Spa Pack Contents

Fresh Romance Body Lotion 375ml

Known as a powerful mood enhancer, Rose Petals Oil helps to calm the senses and refresh your skin naturally with an instant healthy-looking glow. The Lotus Flower Oil has a natural moisture that conditions and hydrates the skin while its purifying and rejuvenating fragrance inspires the body to a deep relaxation.

Fresh Romance Epsom Salts 650g

Packed with Rose Petal Oil & Lotus Flower Extracts, Fresh Romance Pure Epsom Salts are ideal for a moment of pleasure and pure relaxation. When Epsom Salt is dissolved in water, it releases magnesium and sulfate ions. These particles are absorbed through your skin, replenishing needed nutrients, softening and hydrating it

Fresh Romance Sea Salt Scrub 500g

Rose Petals & Lotus Flower are the perfect combination to balance your spirit, while fine salt granules cleanse and exfoliate your body to restore the skin's natural glow. Delicious floral notes spread a captivating aroma and guarantee the right formula for an extra smooth and dewy skin.

6 x 60ml bottles contents

3 x 60ml body wash coconut, tropical mango, pomegranate

3x body lotion 60ml harmony, romance, energy boost perfect to put handbags 👜 travelling

2x sample 10ml

1 x beautiful clear white, beige tote bag great to carry around shopping, beach camping etc

Pick up location Merriwa WA

Postage $18

Natural Spa Pack

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