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Medical mediven harmony® CG Armsleeve + Silicone Band

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The perfect balance between softness and pressure


The innovative round-knit sleeve mediven harmony offers you the best possible compression therapy for your arm. You can feel the perfect balance between the soft, comfortable fabric and medically effective pressure. 

Two ellipses are integrated into the elbow-bend and at the elbow for high comfort in wear. These ensure more freedom of movement and improved well-being in daily life.


Mediven Harmony

Size 5

Compassion class 2

CCL2 (23-32 mmHG)

Circumference & Colour:

Standard Caramel

For moderate lymphoedema

Product Features

* Compression Class 1 & 2

* Available in 7 sizes

* Standard Length (41 - 47cm)

* Standard or Extra Wide Width

* Innovative round-knit with effective pressure

* Extra comfort double ellipses in the elbow and the bend

* CG Armsleeve Wrist to Axilla (top of arm)

* Machine washable at 40°C

* Tumble dry on low

* Latex-free

* Lanolin for a natural moisture balance


* Shoulder arm vein thrombosis

* Postoperative and posttraumatic oedema

* Primary lymphoedema of the arm stage 1 (conditionally)

* Secondary lymphoedema of the arm stage 1 (conditionally)

* Hand part (glove): prevention of accumulation of lymph fluid

Warning ⚠️ Absolute contraindications- not used in cases of:

Advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease, decompensated heart disease, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, untreated septic phlebitis, phlegmasia coerulea golems, Allergy to any of the materials

Receipt Health fund rebate available depending which health fund are you with please send us message

Medical mediven harmony® CG Armsleeve + Silicone Band

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