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Medical Compreshort

Ideal for patients with abdominal or truncal oedema who need mild, supportive compression.

The Compreshort offers mild, supportive compression (10-15mmHg) for the treatment of abdominal or truncal and upper thigh edema. Available in short and capri lengths, patients with lymphoedema and lipoedema benefit from the therapeutic compression and support the garment provides.


10–15mmHg of supportive, mild compression for truncal / abdominal lymphedema

Soft, breathable fabric reduces moisture containment

Reinforced seams for durability

Machine wash and dry

May be paired with the GENIFIT CHIP PAD for additional genital support


Stage I or II Lymphedema

Mild fibrosis

Post-surgical edema

Caution: elastic band on sizes 2XLRG and above contain Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions

Medical Compreshort

Colour : Black
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