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medi Neck Collar Soft Kidz
Brace for stabilisation of the cervical spine in children
Developed specially to fit children
Modern design, suitable for children
Warming, supportive function
medi Collar soft Kidz is a neck support for stabilisation of the cervical spine in children. 
It has a modern child-friendly look and is specially designed to fit children. The soft cervical collar supports the cervical spine, while at the same time developing a pleasant warming effect. 
The collar is thus suitable for various indications, in which a stabilisation of the cervical spine is required, such as:
Painful muscular tension in the neck and shoulder area (neck and shoulder stiffness and pain)
Excessive strain on the neck muscles (torticollis)
Whiplash injuries of the cervical spine (cervical spine whiplash injury)
Rheumatic problems
Supports and stabilises the neck
The warming effect helps treatment even further
All indications which require stabilisation of the cervical vertebrae, such as:
Cervical syndrome
Cervical arthrosis
Whiplash injuries
Rheumatic problems
None known at present.
medi Collar soft Kidz has a warming and supportive function. The skin-friendly material of the cervical collar ensures that it is very comfortable to wear.

medi Neck Collar Soft Kidz

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