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Lumbar Pregnancy Support | Lumbamed® Maternity
Lumbar support for stabilisation during pregnancy. Pregnancy requires the body to perform at a high level.
Pregnancy requires the body to perform at a high level. The mother's growing baby belly and its associated weight gain shift her body's centre of gravity, increasing the burden on her lumbar spine and pelvis.
This often causes pain in these body areas during the course of the pregnancy. Lumbamed maternity provides soothing relief and stability while supporting the hollow of the back. The strap fits perfectly to the growing shape of the belly and is continuously adjustable.
The expectant mother can easily and individually adjust the degree of support by pulling on the lateral tension straps. Lumbamed maternity does not restrict the unborn baby's freedom of movement.
Product features
The orthosis supports the abdomen and counteracts its increased tensile forces. 
The traction effect of the abdomen reduced by the orthosis relieves the abdominal wall, pelvis and lumbar spine and can relieve pain. 
Integrated stabilization rods offer additionally relieve for the lumbar spine.
Pain in the lumbar region during pregnancy
Complaints due to abdominal expansion
Lumbamed maternity should not be used if the patient suffers from an inguinal hernia.

Lumbar Pregnancy Support | Lumbamed® Maternity

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