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Fast'n Go Bandage Full Leg Kit - Lymphoedema Care

The first patented hybrid single-layer, multi-component short-stretch bandage developed specifically for Self-Bandaging and Homecare.

Thanks to its’ unique structure the Fast’n Go bandage is the only short stretch bandage to use a hybrid patented technology which combines the respective benefits of inelastic bandages (high working pressures) and long stretch bandages (easy application and maximum safety) without their respective inconveniences.

Includes one set fastener and connector.


Faster application as only one bandage needs to be applied so no confusion about which roll should be applied first

Identical sides (reversible) so no need to worry about which one has to be in contact with the skin.

Stretchability limited mechanically for safer and more reproducible compression ~30mmHg resting pressure

Anchor Point for easier application start, especially when self-bandaging the upper limb

Pre-stretched bandage application technique

Visual guide for easier 50% overlap

Moreover, Fast’n Go bandage is washable, reusable and very comfortable against the skin.

Fast'n Go Bandage Full Leg Kit - Lymphoedema Care

Colour : white
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