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duomed® soft 2easy® Two-piece Compression System
A unique and easy two-piece anklet and calf sleeve system. 
Welcome to easy compression. duomed® soft 2easy® is designed to simplify the application and removal of compression stockings.
If you have any issues putting on or removing compression stockings, then duomed soft 2easy is the perfect garment for your therapy. 
medi is all about the 'I feel better' moments and, without compromising medical efficacy, trying to make compression therapy a little easier, more comfortable and, as part of the duomed family, even more economical. 
duomed soft 2easy is a unique 2-piece compression system that separates the typical stocking in to a simple to use two piece set that includes an anklet and calf piece.
Putting on and taking off (donning and doffing) has never been easier. 
duomed soft 2easy comes in a set of two, so you'll get 2 x anklets and 2 x calf pieces, ready to go. 
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Applying duomed soft 2easy starts with first putting on the anklet and then sliding the calf sleeve over the anklet - easy! Just line up the pink triangle at the bottom of the calf sleeve with the top of the anklet.
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A two-piece system comprises calf sleeve and anklet x 2
Available in Sand or Black colours
Light graduated compression British Standard Classes 1 & 2
For the management of venous conditions and leg swelling
Supports motivation to wear prescribed compression as it is so easy to apply and take off 
Intended purpose
Round knitted medical stockings are used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the venous systems
Chronic venous disease: C0s - C4 according to CEAP
Initial phase following varicose therapy
Congestion complaints and oedema in pregnancy
postoperative reperfusion oedema
Post-traumatic, postoperative, occupational oedema, medicinally induced oedema
Oedema due immobility
Superficial venous thrombosis
Condition after thrombosis, post-thrombotic syndrome
Thrombosis prophylaxis in mobile patients
Inflammatory dermatoses of the legs
Nausea, dizziness in pregnancy
Advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease
Decompensated heart diseases (NYHA III + IV)
Septic phlebitis
Phlegmasia coerulea dolens
Concomitant dermatoses
Intolerance to compression stocking fabric
Sensory disturbances of the limb
Advanced peripheral neuropathy
Primary chronic arthritis

duomed® soft 2easy® Two-piece Compression System

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