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Clavicle Support | protect
protect.Clavicle support is a brace for the clavicle. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the collarbone and only on unbroken skin.
Product features
Great safety during therapy: the material ensures safe positioning of the bandage – stretching is impossible, so no tightening or adjusting is necessary
Easy opening and closing
Friendly to the skin: the air-permeable cotton cover is pleasant to wear on the skin especially in the sensitive armpit area
Flat fastener is almost not felt while lying on the back
Intended purpose
Clavicle support for positioning and immobilising the clavicle.
For positioning and immobilization of the collarbone
Dislocations of the clavicle
Sprains and fractures of the clavicle
Constriction of the airways
Compression of the vascular nerve bundle

Clavicle Support | protect

Colour : Black
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