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circaid® juxtalite with Compressive Undersock | Adjustable Compression

circaid is the alternative for patients with challenges using medical compression stockings for treating venous diseases.

The adjustable compression device circaid juxtalite is the solution for all those who have challenges with medical compression stockings.

Simple donning and doffing

Adjustable, measurable compression

Pleasant wearing comfort

cicaid juxtalite size chart attached

Thanks to the four interlacing bands with hook and loop fasteners, the donning and doffing are fast and straightforward.

With the help of the integrated circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS), the required compression range is adjusted and measured precisely.

The ability to readjust the compression range during the day avoids pressure loss. It thus prevents the device from sliding down, leading to a consistent and effective compression therapy for venous diseases.

Studies prove that with adjustable compression devices, venous leg ulcers' healing rates are faster than traditional compression bandaging/wraps.


Easy handling – simple donning and doffing

circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS): adjustable, measurable and re-adjustable compression

Breathe-O-Prene: breathable material with high working pressure

Latex-free, odour-inhibiting fabric with an anti-bacterial effect

Re-adjustability of the individual bands avoids pressure loss and sliding down of the garment

Includes a compressive undersock moderate (15-25mmHg)

Applies graduated compression to the foot and ankle

Graduated compression continues into the leg portion of the undersock


Offering an alternative therapy concept for patients who are not able to apply or tolerate ulcer compression stockings

Faster healing rates of venous leg ulcer

Promotes self-management thanks to easy handling


Chronic venous insufficiency

Varicose veins

Post Thrombotic Syndrome

Venous Stasis Ulcer

Post Sclerotherapy

Dependent oedema


Severe Peripheral Arterial Disease

Uncontrolled Congestive Heart Failure

Septic Phlebitis

Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens

Untreated infection

Ccircumstance where increased venous and lymphatic return is undesirable

Suspected or known untreated acute DVT


Mild to Moderate Peripheral Arterial Disease

Impaired Sensation - must be able to sense applied pressure

Intolerance to material(s)

Pediatric and assisted use - must be able to sense & communicate applied pressure


54% Nylon

39% Polyurethane

7% Elastane




Medium Extra Wide


Large Extra Wide

Extra Large

Extra Large Extra Wide


Short (28cm)

circaid® juxtalite with Compressive Undersock | Adjustable Compression

Colour : Beige
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