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circaid® juxtafit Premium Interlocking Ankle Foot Wrap
Adaptive, high-quality interlocking compression foot wrap
The circaid®️ juxtafit premium foot wrap is individually adjustable for foot lengths with a closed heel for the optimum ankle joint and foot care.
The ankle band provides specific compression of the heel and ankle joint and comes in three sizes.
Pleasant and comfortable to wear thanks to the breathable material with its antibacterial effect
Easy to put on
Recommended in combination with a below-knee garment (e.g. circaid®️ juxtacures)
Suitable for both the left and right feet
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Other forms of edema: venous, post-traumatic, post-surgical, Lipedema
Varicose veins (all types)
Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
Venous stasis disease
Venous valvular insufficiency (VVI)
Venous insufficiency
Post-thrombotic syndrome
Venous ulcer (stasis ulcer)
Post sclerotherapy
Thrombosis prevention
Venous eczema

circaid® juxtafit Premium Interlocking Ankle Foot Wrap

Colour : Beige
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