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circaid®️ juxtafit®️ Essentials Lower Leg with Compressive Anklets
A lower leg adjustable compression device for optimising and maintaining therapy results achieved in the decongestion phase.
The circaid®️ juxtafit®️ Premium Lower Leg with Compressive Anklets offers high wall stability and optimum compression for mild to severe lymphoedema.
Thanks to the integrated Built-in-Pressure System (BPS), the required compression range can be set precisely, controlled, and re-adjusted at any time.
Its easy donning and doffing make circaid®️ juxtafit®️ an alternative for those patients who have challenges with the established flat-knitted compression stockings in the maintenance phase of leg lymphoedema.
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Product Features
Easy handling – simple donning and doffing
circaid®️ Built-In-Pressure System (BPS): adjustable, measurable and re-adjustable compression
Includes one pair of circaid®️ Compression Anklets
Contains one circaid®️ Power Added Compression Band (PAC Band)
Includes one pair of circaid®️ Undersleeves Lower Leg in Silver
Re-adjustability of the individual bands avoids pressure loss and, thus, sliding down the garment
Breathe-O-Prene: breathable and inelastic material with high wall stability for high working pressure
Latex-free, odour-inhibiting fabric with an anti-bacterial effect
Features for upper leg: Smooth material in the back of the knee – for more wearing comfort
Also available as made-to-measure
Twelve-month lifespan
Product benefits
Offering an alternative therapy solution for patients who are not able to apply or tolerate compression stockings
Compression therapy – an essential part of the complex lymphoedema therapy
Increased patient adherence: 94.6% of the users experience wearing comfort as pleasant
Increased mobility: the possibility of wearing regular footwear
Easy handling allows for self-management of the patient
Other forms of edema
Chronic venous insufficiency
Varicose veins
DVT/Thrombosis Prevention
Post Thrombotic Syndrome
Venous Stasis Ulcer
Post Sclerotherapy

circaid®️ juxtafit®️ Essentials Lower Leg with Compressive Anklets

Colour : Beige
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