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Couples Massage

A couples massage increases feeling of affection. Massages stimulate the release of many feel-good hormones, which boost feelings of intimacy and affection. A relaxation massage is a whole-body hands-on treatment that uses pressure, with long smooth gliding strokes, kneading and to help your tight muscles eases, relaxes and tension release, encourages the release of endorphins, which counteracts cortisol the stress hormone. Massage works simultaneously on physical and psychological level, countering physical and mental tension or lethargy and encourages well-being. 

90 min- $200 for relaxation full body massage

120 min- $266 for relaxation full body massage- with Indian head massage.

By Katherine &, Phillip

Our Story

The trusted place for your massage therapy

Here at K Health Massage Therapy Services we are a small business with high morels and standards. offering our clients the best possible massage therapy services, we focus on the health and well-being of a clients while they escape form the stresses of every day life. 

K Health Massage Therapy Services Established 2017  

Receipt Health Funds Available 

Katherine Estropia Fiddes

Owner Operator

 Highly Experience Therapist  

Former Nursing &, Physiotherapy Assistant 2014-2016

Qualified Cosmetology 1994

Beauty Therapy 2010

Remedial Massage 2017

Pregnancy Massage 2018

Myofascial Cupping 2018

Hot Stone Therapy 2018

Indian Head Massage 2019

Aromatherapy 2020

Reflexology 2018 and 2021

MLD 2018 And 2023

Lymphoedema Practitioner 2023

Worked Experience:

Beauty Salon massage

Sports Recovery Massage AFL & NRL

Day Spa massage

Hotels massage

Hospitals massage

 Nursing homes massage

Privates homes massage

Offices/Corporate massage

Events massage

Solaris Cancer Care

Phillip Vokes


Qualified Indian Head Massage
& Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

A good relaxation massage relieves stress and muscle tension and will leave you oozing with a sense of wellbeing. It achieves this because of the general benefits of massage: it improves your circulation and blood flow, so your organs and skin get more oxygen; aiding with lymphatic drainage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage will work out the knots from stressed, overworked muscles and connective tissue (fascia) to alleviate immediate pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. It also promotes faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage therapy. It is a scientific , specific and systematic method of eliminating toxic wastes, blocks , tension and fibrous connective tissues throughout the muscular system. Remedial massage focuses on manipulating the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. Its primary goals are to enhance function , release muscular tension, aid healing , and promote relaxation.


With repeated pressure and manipulation of nerve endings, reflexology can help to clear any channels of blocked energy.  To do so through moving the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses. This ultimately improves overall health and balance. It can help pinpoint areas of stress and tension before they become apparent physiologically.


Mission Statement 

We at K Health  massage therapy services commit to our clients. offering the best possible service making sure our clinic is up to the highest standard with strict cleaning and hygiene procedures. and safety. Our therapists are highly trained in the massage styles offered making your massage treatment  the best and most memorable. and at a great price    

Ready For Your Massage 

Come Experience the Secret of Our Massage Therapy 

Helping Your Body 


In order for our bodies to work efficiently , the many complex systems that exist under our skin have to work together in a coordinated way. Bones , muscles and soft tissue help us to move. A circulatory system consisting of heart, lung arteries and blood allows oxygen to be transported around the body to keep cells alive. The nervous system keeps the brain informed of what"s going on and allows us to think , act and feel. Our digestive system helps us absorb energy from the food and keeps us hydrated with water. An immune system prevents attack from viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms that could cause us harm or spread disease .


Massage therapy can help each of these systems work optimally , boosting general health and well-being and encouraging healing and growth, right down to a microscopic level.

A Natural Approach to Better Health

Professional Massage Therapy Services

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