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 Back Pain Relief

Exercise ball therapy for lower back pain relief. Is effective in rehabilitation of the back because it strengthens and develops the core body muscles that help to stabilize the spine.

Keep the ball stable and keep feet flat on the floor. Setting on the ball with arms to the sides, slowly walk feet out and lean back slightly, rolling ball to the upper back, raise arms over the head and straighten knees to arch over the ball, moving it to the mid-spine and touching the hands to the floor.

Bath Soak

Heat treatments -enhance the flexibility of scar tissue 

Hydrotherapy with all the healing benefits of water and gentleness upon life and limb is incomparable in treating many conditions, hydrotherapy pools are not always convenient but there is always a bath somewhere in close proximity; standard or spa. 

A bath is a luxuries method of washing the body. Bathing in an aromatic bath is an effective way of letting the oils relax and nourish the body and mind.

This method is suitable:

For relaxation

To ease muscular and other aches and pains

To subtly influence the mood 

Epsom salt bath, these get into your body through your skin. That hasn't been proven, but just soaking in warm water can help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. People use Epsom salt baths as a home treatment for: Arthritis pain and swelling

Benefits of aromatic bath:

Anti - bacterial, anti fungal, anti -viral, immune boosting

Provide relief from aching backs, legs, abdomens and bodily areas

Provide opportunity to administer healing properties of essential oils in non-invasive and pleasurable way which is part of daily routine of patient/client

Helps to bring about stress relief and may induce sleep

Refreshes and revitalises a patient/client who spends 99% of their time in a bed 

Improved circulation

Arthritis bath blend

 will help shift the build-up toxins, such as uric acid, and improve circulation.

1 drop cypress essential oil

3 drops black pepper essential oil 

3 drops lemon

3 drops marjoram 

5ml carrier oil

Combine, and add to a warm bath

After your work out bath blend

3 drops cypress essential oil

3 drops juniper essential oil

3 drops rosemary essential oil 

2 drops lemon

haft cup bath salt

5ml carrier oil 

Combine, add to a warm bath


Broken or damage skin

Do not use near the eyes 

For bath applications, always dilute dispersant 

Not for pregnant women 

Use with caution some of these essential oils are contraindication with epilepsy

Check water temperature before bath   



If a bath is not possible, aromatherapy can add its effective fragrances to your shower. After soaping or gelling, rinse well. Sprinkle 2-3 drops of essential oil on a wet sponge or washcloth and rub over the body while under a warm shower.

Foot bath

In a container suitable for a foot bath filled with warm water, and maybe some large marbles or small round pebbles, place 4-8 drops of up four essential oils. Soak for 15 minutes. This is one of the quickest and easiest aroma treatments, refreshing tired feet. As well as clearing the mind and lifting the mood it is a very therapeutic treatment, especially for elderly. 


Relaxing and Calming Blend

Ylang ylang essential oil

It is calming and relaxing and may also help with anger and low self-esteem. It brings back feelings of self-love, confidence, joy and peace. It  may help stimulate the adrenal glands.

Lavender essential oil

It promotes consciousness, health, love, peace and general sense of well-being

6 drops ylang ylang

4 drops lavender


Keep out of reach of children 

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